Individual Pricing Options

ARC Coordination:

  • Create ARC Team
  • Manage ARC Team
  • Distribute ARCs securely via BookFunnel
  • Collect & Track ARC review links


Book Covers:

While I don’t create book covers, I can highly recommend the crew at Not only are they affordable, but they make top notch work.  Tell them I sent you and you’ll get 10% off.

Book Formatting:

Using your story, I’ll format your book in Atticus for digital or paperback formats. The simpler the book, the lower the price. The more complicated the book (custom images, etc), the higher the price.  Contact for more details.

$25 - $50 / book


Use me as your sounding board. Let me help you talk through ideas, thoughts, and plot points to ease the stress of writing.


Facebook Group

  • Moderation
  • Engagement (daily posts, welcoming new members, etc)
  • Party Coordination (internal and external)


Link Management

Using your ReaderLinks account, creating and managing various links for your books and other needs. These are ideal for backmatter in a book because they don’t force the reader to the US Amazon store (for example).


Newsletters (MailerLite)

  • Automation (welcome sequence)
  • Subscriber maintenance (culling users who don’t engage)
  • Mailing of Newsletter(s)

$25 - $50 / month


With all of my Google-fu I will track down those pesky details that are tripping you up. My ability to search knows no bounds, and the end result will be a book that has your readers raving about your intimate knowledge.


Social Media

When you need more of an online presence than just a Facebook Group.  Options include: Facebook Pages; MeWe Pages & Groups; Twitter; Instagram; TikTok.

$25/month per service or $100/month for all

Webpage Design

From a simple one page design that just lists your books, to a more elaborate site where people can buy your books (or other merchandise).  This is a very customizable service offering.

Price Varies, Please Contact

Need something you don’t see listed? Email me a request and let’s find a solution together!

Package Options

New Author Package


per month

  • Requires One-Time $100 Website Fee
  • Facebook Group Option
  • Full Newsletter Option
  • Simple Blog-Ready Webpage Design

All Inclusive Package


per month

  • All Monthly Options Except Website
  • Website Packages Varies - if interested, contact